MP3 to MiDi

MP3 and MiDi are the most popular file formats for storing music. That is why the question "How to convert MP3 to MiDi?" is very popular.

MIDI can store only musical sounds. MIDI is a command system, containing information about a note, about the instrument andy its change, the length of pressing and so on.

The task of converting MP3 to MiDi is easy, there are many software products capable of doing this. MIDI to MP3 conversion is more difficult, it is called MIDI rendering. With this MP3 to MiDi, you can conveniently convert MP3 to Midi files. Additionally, these software can do much more than that. They usually come with extra features!

* Powerful Audio To MIDI Converter (MP3 to MIDI, WAVE to MIDI) with many extended options.
* Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

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Tutorial: How to Convert MP3 to MiDi?

Step1: Select a File you want (Click Open).

Step2: Click to convert and wait for the recognition process to complete

You can see the conversion process clearly in following interface:

Step3: Listen the converted fiiles.

Now you can listen to the result (Click Play)

Step4: Save your converted files.

Save it (Click Save). Trial version allows saving up to 10 seconds of MIDI

Note: If you need other detailed information, please click the button "Help"on right top area of the main interface

Key Functions of MP3 to MiDi Converter Free

Get first result of Audio to MIDI recognition in seconds!

Select and tune up different Recognition Algorithms to get better results.

Convert MP3 to MiDi recognize Drum Tracks.

Analyse Tonality of any Audio or MIDI file.

Analyse Tuning of any Audio file.

Pro version only Correct Recognition results with the unique TrueTone Editor.

Pro version only New Score Viewer allows easy visualization of recognition results:

Choose any combination of tracks to view as score.

The Viewer is synchronized to the piano-roll editor - you can edit exactly notes you are looking at.

Different visualization modes for different tasks - bars and durations effects can be switched on or off.

Pro version only Many enhancements for the TrueTone Editor:

MIDI Recording feature allows you to record anything with MIDI keyboard while hearing to either MIDI or Audio tracks.

Cursor Ruler shows note alignment and aids in distinguishing true notes from harmonics.

Additional Note Info indicates note key and velocity right near every note.

Smart composition end was implemented - no more need to manually change piece size.

WNE files are now saved as XML for better compatibility with future versions.

New Visualization in Realtime module was added.

Language Manager greatly simplifies WIDI translation to other languages.

Batch Conversion allows to convert many files at once for later examination or editing.

Windows Vista is now supported.

A bunch of smaller improvements you will notice working with WIDI.

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